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Also broadcasts daily local news in Korean, and re-broadcasts LA-based news in Korean.( Other US cities have Korean radio & TV, although it's hard to find reliable, up-to-date information.Meetup DC Video & Film Korean Film Festival New York Boomvid Han Cinema Korean Movie My Soju watch movies online Language Origin of Korean Writing Hangul Learn Korean (ELS) Learn Korean Podcast Let's Learn Korean Online Translation Yahoo!Babelfish ectaco lingvosoft Translation Booth z Korean Other Korea Society - Podcast There are an estimated one and a half million people in the United States claiming Korean heritage.For TV, Chicago has KBC-TV/WOCH-CA, Atlanta has (Channel 47), and San Francisco has KICU (Korean Broadcasting System) on digital channel 52-2 (or 36.2).On Saturday, a Russian Su-25 Frogfoot attack jet was shot down in Syria by what Russia calls "terrorists" and the U. calls "Anti-Assad rebels." The Su-25 is Russia's version of the vaunted, American A-10, and was designed and built around the same time.The Frogfoot has only slightly swept wings, and is meant to fly low and slow over the battlefield, carrying a heavy load of weapons.In short, it is meant to loiter and find targets on the ground to attack.

It has one mission--to find things on the ground and kill them.

Finally, in exasperation, the judge looked down at him and said, "Sir, you have the right to remain silent but apparently not the ability."I can remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth in Europe as President Ronald Reagan deployed medium-range nuclear missiles into Western Europe to counter the Soviet threat.

I can remember the name-calling, the "Ronald Ray Guns," the stupid American cowboy references.

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