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'' Damn your ass look great with me all over it.Why won't you let me poke you--'' I knew what he was going to say, '' Because I don't like things shoved up my ass.'' I told him. Six whole weeks of doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.The minute I got through the door at home I kicked off my shoes and ran upstairs, turning the shower on and tossing my bag down onto my bedroom floor.

I acted quickly to cover myself, but he had already been given the show of his life. '' You know, you'd have more luck covering up if you were to use that towel you're currently holding.'' Score one for the big dog, I didn't think of that.I couldn't wait to get into the shower and shave, it had been a few days too long in my opinion. '' '' I know that, but you don't finish work until five.I got up and unhooked my bra, freeing my breasts was one of the greatest feelings ever, I considered it a crime to keep my double-D's confined all day. And I'm getting in the shower.'' I shot back.I unzipped my skirt and it dropped to the floor, I kicked it towards the laundry bin and began unbuttoning my shirt.I wasn't sure what was with Miss Chapman today, considering it was supposed to be the last day I would have thought it would have been nice and chilled.

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